Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy whaling

Wishing the Nisshin Maru good luck on her whaling expedition to the southern seas.

It is great to see this proud tradition carried on. In Australia certain overly sentimental city dwellers, who seem to think that meat grows in a can, are up in arms as usual. Maybe they should try to catch their own food for once and see how it all works.

Australia has no business declaring a " whale sanctuary" outside of their own maritme borders.

Whales are for eating.


Anonymous said...

ur one fucked up kid.

SMokey Robinson said...

I am Australian and I adopt the view that this is cultural imperialism on the part of our Government and the public.

Whale stocks have more than recovered in certain cases, minke whale is NOT endangered.

The demand for whale meat has certainly fallen, why can't we just let this one go and the issue will become non-important.

But a few bad eggs feel the need to stir up controversy for the sake of publicity, utilizing archaic racist ideology.

Anonymous said...

Whale meat has skyrocketing levels of mercury and is therefore unfit for human consumption. Whales are not for eating.

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe that is not a matter of racism, it is a matter of being benevlent with all the other non human creatures, not only whales, but all the other animals.
These types of acts are just pure violence against being that cannot deffend by themselves, therefore someone has to do that for them, and those people are heroes!
Those of you who think that animals are just a way of fill your stomaches are a long way from getting the real thing of this life...
Continue searching and you will see the light, I feel sorry for you