Friday, January 25, 2008

Anti-whaling loonies

This is "captain" Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd, a splinter group from Greenpeace. He is one of the publicity-hungry professional protesters who put on a show of clashing with whalers. They use small Zodiac boats to run around and make trouble for the hunt, all while their heroic actions are filmed.

"Captain" Watson is wanted in Norway for acts of sabotage.

The loony greens use the whaling issue to get publicity, which means money from supporters. Their impact on the hunt is minimal, as Japan and Norway has had no problems reaching their annual whaling targets.


Tor said...

Captain Paul Watson is a hero!

Anonymous said...

My goodness. Whaling is horrible and I disagree with you completely. Captain Paul Watson is a hero.

Anonymous said...

Before calling his name you should think it twice!
That man is a hero!!!
Proclaim your name COWARD!

lukomskijp said...

Captain Paul Watson is a hero. Whaling is wrong. Japenise are violating a ban on commercial whaling